Water/Wastewater Projects

Water/Wastewater Projects

5kV/480Vac Water/Wastewater Plant Arc Flash Assessment

Project involved gathering of field data from various sections of the water plant's electrical system to perform an arc flash assessment. The various water plant sections included the Raw water system, Filter Buildings, Sludge handing units, Chemical feed buildings, Sedimentation basins and various lab buildings. From the obtained, data the following tasks were performed:

  • Updated the electrical model of the system to match existing conditions.
  • Performed an arc flash study to assess and identify arc flash risks at various locations of the electrical system.
  • Provided recommendations on required adjustments to reduce the incident energy level.
  • Generated a report on the assessment along with arc flash labels to be placed on the switchgears, MCCs and panelboards in the facility.

480Vac Water Plant Arc Flash Assessment

Project involved an arc flash assessment of the electrical system of a 480Vac Water plant with a 600kW generator system, which served as backup power to the facility. The system was equipped with an automatic transfer system that alternated between sources during a loss-of-power event. As part of the arc flash assessment, the following tasks were performed:

  • Updated the electrical model of the system to reflect all the high service pumps, cable lengths and protective device settings.
  • Performed an assessment of the arc flash condition with recommendations on required updates to be made for the reduction of the incident energy levels at selected locations.
  • Generated arc flash labels to be affixed to the main switchgear, the MCCs and various 480Vac, 240Vac and 208Vac panelboards in the plant.

Storm water station upgrades

The project involved providing a solution for flooding issues during periods of heavy rainfall, which was due to the low-elevation (below sea level) of the area. The solution involved the upgrade of the existing storm water pump station to a 2000 HP pumping capacity with a total of 3MW of generation. The scope of the project included:

  • Performing short circuit analysis to ensure equipment were sized correctly and performing a coordination study to determine the settings for the protective relays.
  • Designing of an above grade diesel fuel system with 10,000 gallon fuel tanks.
  • Installation of MCC’s with appropriately sized soft starters to service all storm water pumps.
  • Designing and installing synchronization equipment for the project.
  • Addition of controls and provisions for the entire system to be monitored remotely.