Equipment Installation and System Integration

Installation & System Integration

The short circuit rating of a system and the load flow data from the system model are used to ensure the proper equipment are selected. These equipment must withstand the nominal system current and short circuit current, while offering enough margin for future system growth. Below are equipment that ZinaVolt has installed in the past:

system installation
  • High voltage equipment such as transformers, breakers, switches and relay panels for the protection and control of equipment up to 345kV.
  • High Voltage Switchgears (15 – 34.5kV)
  • Medium Voltage Switchgears (5kV)
  • Low Voltage Switchgears (480V)
  • Medium Voltage MCCs
  • Low Voltage MCCs

These equipment come with various Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), which the system operator needs to interface with to access important information such as the system peak values, oscillography plots, system alarms, etc. Therefore, ZinaVolt has provided options for both local access via an HMI screen and has also provided remote engineering access and interactions with DCS systems.