Programming Digital Relays

Relay Programming

Based on the generated settings from the electrical system modeling, microprocessor based relays are programmed to develop the relay files to be loaded onto the relays. These relay programs include industry recommended best practices to ensure the electrical system is adequately protected. ZinaVolt has programmed relays for the protection of transmission lines, buses, feeder cables, transformers, breaker failure relaying, motors, switchgears. The following are a selection of digital relays ZinaVolt has programmed:

Engineer programming relays.
  • SEL 300 Series relays
  • SEL 400 Series relays
  • SEL 501, 587Z, 2100 relays
  • SEL 700 Series relays
  • GE Multilin 8-Series Relays
  • GE Multilin 3-Series Relays

Note that the above is just a selection from previous work. For programming needs which are not listed above, contact us to discuss your project specific needs.